ShinobiCharts with MVVMCross


I am having an issue with a cross platform application I am building with Monotouch and the MvvmCross pattern, written in C#. I have a trial of ShinobiCharts for building charts within iOS, but I am having issues with adding the graphs to my project.

I have followed this blogpost on the subject, but have ran into problems with regards to adding a ShinobiChart to a pre-existing app.

In my application I have numerous views and their viewmodels. I have one view in particular which consists of a label and a scrollview. The scrollview has subviews within it and it is as one of these subviews that I would like to add in my new shinobichart. The subviews currently within the scrollview are UIViews and I am not sure if I can create a Shinobichart within a UIView view.

Any suggestions on how to go about doing this would be greatly appreciated, I am new to Mono and the MvvmCross pattern.