ShinobiControls features


Satisfies your library the following characteristics?

  1. Map
  2. TreeMap
  3. Time navigator
  4. Drill-Down
  5. Manual drawing (canvas)
  6. Ability to draw shapes or polygons



I’ll do my best to answer but you may have to be a little more specific on some of the points:

  1. Map - we don’t currently support heatmaps or the more geographical kind. We haev had requests for these though and are provisionally on our long term roadmap.

  2. We don’t currently have a tree map - but we do have several new controls coming in the future so always check back as this is a popular request

  3. If by time navigator, you mean a smaller chart that can used to navigate the time line of a larger chart this is certainly possible - have a look at ShinobiPlay ( for an example

  4. The charts don’t have a built in drill down feature as this can be very applications specific. But we do enable you to configure your own! We present all of the information you’ll need to our delegate object and allow you to configure the chart that way. This will be even more effective after our next release where we’re adding some cool animation effects!

5 & 6) We support the addition of Annotation objects to our charts. These are UIView based, meaning it would be perfectly possible to add any shapes / drawings you like. You can also configure gesture recognizers on them to capture user drawing actions.

I hope this helps - you may need to be more specific about the exact features if you need more information.


What can be used sources of data for widgets? Web services, xls files, databases, manual filling of the code?



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