ShinobiDataGrid: Frame for a Column


I apologize in advance if I missed this in the documentation, but is there a mechanism for getting the frame for a specified column?  Here’s the background…  I am building a grid where each column represents a time interval from a certain start point (1300, 1315, 1330, 1400…).  The user provides data for each cell at each interval.  I’m trying to highlight the column that corresponds for the current time (for example, 1305 would result in the 1300 column being highlighted).  I’ll then update the highlight as time passes using an NSTimer.  I initially tried just using the cellStyle.backgroundColor, but it seems that I need to redraw the grid for each update.  I’m looking at using CALayer now to draw a highlight over the column.  That way, when I need to move the highlight, I can just change the frame of the layer.  There’s a few different ways to go about calculating the position nd size of the layer, but it would be easiest if I just knew the frame of the column.