ShinobiDataGrid Freeze last row of grid


Hi all,

Is it possible to freeze the last row of the grid ? I know you can freeze the first row with numberOfFrozenRows but is there away to freeze the last row ?


Greetings Program!

Unfortunately it still does not appear to be possible to freeze the last row (or footer).

If it’s not the actual row of data you are trying to freeze, have a look at this post for some suggestions:



Now, just thinking out loud, if it’s just the last row of data, you could do a couple of things, again still, both a bit clunky.

  1. Create a second datagrid instance with it’s only datasource being the last row you want and add it to the scrollView ( Then reposition the grid on scrollViewDidScroll.

  2. Create a new datagridrow instance and loop through the cells, set the data for the cells and then change the new cells’ coordinate property to the corresponding cell’s coordinate property in the last visible row.

I know #1 will work but #2, in theory, it sounds like it could work but I’ve never tried it.