ShinobiEssentials FlowView and ContentInset


Hi Shinobi Folks,

I wanted to report a bug that I’m seeing with the FlowView controller and contentInset values other than 0. If the FlowView ContentInset is set, the FlowView mostly works correctly, however, when you go to “edit” the contents, by pressing and holding to drag the contents around to reorder OR to drag an element to the trash can, what’s happening is all the elements in the FlowView float up to the very top as if the contentInset wasn’t set. 

Where this is a problem is under iOS 7 where you use a Navigation bar at the top and you want to have the contents of the FlowView flow under the Navigation bar like you see in true iOS 7 native apps using the TableView. In order to accomplish this, you need to allow the FlowView to extend it’s edges on the top to allow it to extend under the NavigationBar.

This all seems to mostly work fine. iOS assigns the contentInset values correctly so that the content still appears correctly under the NavigationBar. If you scroll up, looks good here as well. The content flows correctly under the NavigationBar. The problem is if you try to edit the contents of the FlowView. It appears tha the FlowView “Edit” view does not take into account the contentInset values on the scrollview that iOS assigned. The result is the contents of the flowview move up and under the NavigationBar incorrectly. Also, if the trashcan is location at the top, it too will flow under the NavigationBar making it impossible to use.

The was present on the older 2.5 release and is still present on the 2.6.0 release.

If there is anything else I can provide, please let me know.



Hi Wes,

Thanks for letting us know, we hadn’t seen this before, but we’ll look into getting it fixed.

For now, my recommendation would be to set the origin, instead of setting the contentInset. This should keep things from scrolling underneath the navigation bar, and position the bin correctly.