ShinobiGrid2.0 cells do not always scroll into view when obscured by the keyboard


This is kinduva two-parter. First, I was working with custom cells, trying to get them to automatically scroll into view when the keyboard pops up, much like what happens when a regular SDataGridTextCell does when editing begins. So, part 1: can you expose the method you use to scroll cells into view as a public method callable on the grid or from within a custom cell? That would be great.

Part 2: The method you use for scrolling SDataGridTextCell into view doesn’t always work. If you have a grid that is wide enough to require horizontal scrolling, you can duplicate the issue simply by:

  1. Scroll Horizontally
  2. Tap an editable SDataGridTextCell that would be obscured by the keyboard

That’s it. You’ll notice that the cell does NOT scroll into view at this point. Once you scroll vertically again, the problem goes away. But that workaround is not terribly useful if your grid has no reason to scroll vertically. Btw, I was able to reproduce this in your samples simply by adding columns or widening columns enough to require horizontal scrolling. Definite bug here.

iOS 6.1


Looks like if you do the following, auto-scrolling works:

_shinobiDataGrid.directionalLockEnabled = YES;
	_shinobiDataGrid.directionalLockAllowDiagonalPanning = YES;


Hi Kungfuters,

I’ll answer in two parts as that is the format you have asked your questions in  :grin::

Part 1: I have forwarded the suggestion to the development team. As I said on your other forum post we really do appreciate this type of feedback. We want to hear anything that makes your life working with ShinobiControls easier.

Part 2: I have raised this as a bug with our development team. It will be investigated and they will get back to you regarding any progress with this. 

Thanks for your input, and I am glad you managed to find a fix for now.