ShinobiGrids: How to disable or lighten the dropshadow that appears when you scroll?


In my application, I am using a ShinobiGrid to display a table of data. There is no dropshadow inside the table as it is at the top, but when I scroll down past the top row, a dropshadow appears (I have the first row frozen). Is there a way to turn off the shadow from that frozen row? I glanced through the API Docs, but couldn’t find a property that does this.


Hi Ascendancy05 - It isn’t currently possible to alter this drop shadow. I’ve raised this as an issue with the grid, and we’ll be addressing it in a future release.

Thanks for bringing this up. If you have any other feedback, we’d love to hear it.



Thanks for the info Jan. Do you happen to have a rough estimate as to when the next release/patch for the ShinobiGrids framework will be? The shadow doesn’t look the greatest with the app design we are using.


Hi Ascendancy05, we haven’t set a date for our next grids release yet.

I’ve added a note to update this forum thread when we know more.