Should Shinobi Charts require building against C++ libraries?



Just updated the ShinobiControls in our app to the most recent version (sorry, not sure the version of the old one other than 2012 appeared in the headers). The new version requires me to add -lstdc++ to the “Other Linker Flags” field to build. I get about 18 symbol not found errors without the flag.

Is this expected? I don’t see any mention of it in the docs.


Hi CSKerber,

We’ve recently made changes to the chart engine and we now require you to import the C++ library libstdc++.dylib. The getting started steps in the user guide has been updated to reflect this.



Should this affect iOS support? When running on 4.3, I am now getting a symbol not found error:

dyld: Symbol not found: _OBJC_CLASS_$_NSMutableOrderedSet

My rough Google searches result in this error showing up with 4.3 rather frequently.  Is 4.x no longer supported?


Hi CSKerber,

We’ve fixed this issue & it will be included in our next release. I can’t give you a fixed date for it, but it should in the next week or two. I hope this doesn’t cause you too much inconvinience.