shouldCollapseSectionAtIndex preventing scrolling?


I’ve implemented shouldCollapseSectionAtIndex task on my ShinobiDataGrid instance, with it simply returning NO. This achieves the desired effect of stopping the collapse event occurring when tapping the section header, but immeditaly after tapping a section header, I can no longer scroll up and down the grid. Is there another task I need to implement, or is this a bug in my code / ShinobiGrids?

My steps to replicate the problem are:

  1. Open view with ShinobiDataGrid on (at this point, you can scroll up and down the grid fine)

  2. Tap section header (section header does not collapse… which is correct)

  3. Try to scroll, by panning up and down - but no movement occurs


Greetings Program!

How are you implementing the shouldCollapseSectionAtIndex method? I couldn’t find it.



Hi Wg


- (BOOL)shinobiDataGrid:(ShinobiDataGrid *)grid shouldCollapseSectionAtIndex:(NSUInteger)sectionIndex {
    return NO;


I implemented the shouldCollapseSectionAtIndex SDataGridDelegate method in the DataGridWithSections demo project and same thing happens for me.



Hey Guys,

I’ve managed to replicate this issue, and it does look like a bug within our framework. I’ll get someone to look into this ASAP & post back here.

Thanks for raising this with us!  :grin:


Hey again,

We’ve fixed this issue locally and it will be included in our next release which should be available soon. Someone will update this thread to let you know when!



Thanks Jan, will look forward to the next release :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

We’ve recently released a fix for this issue (version 2.5.3). It is available in the customer portal, or if you’re on a trial, you can download another trial from our website. Please let us know if you have any further issues relating to this bug.  :laughing:


Jan Akerman