Show min, median, max as major tick marks



I’m using the Android Premium SDK to plot a line series with 2 Y-axes (and 1 X-axis). I want to display min, median, and max as my major tick marks. I’m not setting a custom range. How can I do this? The range is dynamic, so I can’t hardcode any values. I should also mention that I’ll be styling them, which might override automatic calculation(?).

Any tips are appreciated!



One potential solution is to calculate your own major tickmark values and then apply them using the following method:<T>)

I hope that this helps.




Thanks, but this makes the max tick mark get visually cut off in half.


Hi opilkin,

When you say it’s cut in half, are you talking about the tick mark label or the actual tick mark line?

If it’s the former then it sounds like the tick mark label it being cut off by the bounds of the chart. In this case you’d need to manipulate the axis range so that the label is fully in view (you could do this a number of ways such as by setting a default range or adding axis padding).

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