showFlavour functionality?


please refer below lines of code: = YES;
 // Set the first slice to be red, the second slice to be clear. = [NSMutableArrayarrayWithObjects:[UIColorredColor], [UIColorclearColor],[UIColorgreenColor], nil];
 Color of the second Slice of the series is set as clearcolor.But when i click on the slice.Color again appears..I want to permanently set ia as clear color..



Hi Arti,

The pie chart has two styles, one that it uses when slices are deselected ( and one it uses when slices are selected (pie.selectedStyle). So to get your slices to be the same colour at all times, try the following: = myColorArray;
pie.selectedStyle.flavourColors = myColorArray;


 EDIT: I made a mistake in the code, it is now updated!


Hi Arti,

I made a mistake in my last post, it has now been updated.




Thanku jan:-)