Source code for ShinobiPlay app


First of all, thanks for the amazing controls. I’ve become a fan in less than an hour. ShinobiPlay is an excellent kitchen sink style app, so I was wondering if we could get the source code up on Github or somewhere. 




Thanks for the nice comment! We are looking at the idea of making ShinobiPlay source code available, but as you say, it’s got everything including the kitchen sink in there, so we don’t really want to just put the whole thing up in one big lump. Instead, we’re planning to deliver a series of blog posts explaining the parts of the code that implement specific features of ShinobiPlay. We’re very much open to suggestions on this, so if you have any particular parts you’re interested in, please let us know.




I think most of us would be interested in the Impress chart (the financial one with the navigator bar) :slight_smile:

BTW I just installed the new shinobiplay and it crashes every time I try to open the gallery section



Thanks for that Paolo …

The good news is we’re already working on some tutorials for how to re-create the Impress chart already which should be coming out soon to our blog and will be in the next release of Play.

The other news is that there is a known issue in the Gallery whereby if you have the language on your iPad set to something other than English or British English then the App will crash. We have a hotfix going out for that to the App Store as we speak but as a workaround changing the language on your iPad temporarily will allow you to view the Gallery until that gets through.