Spline in Shinobichart



I wanna know if the Shinobi chart support spline as a line type in SchartLineSerie

Thank you 


Hi firasKadhum,

ShinobiChart does’t support a spline line type, nor does it provide any line smoothing / function plotting. However, if you want to create this type of effect you could simply calculate the points required to plot a spline of your data and then feed these points to your chart with a fine granularity to create the illusion of a smooth curve.



Hu Jan

I think I didn’t understand what you mean or how to do it, if you have a demo on that it would be nice. if you don’t then it’s ok. Thank you.



Hi Firas,

Since ShinobiChart doesn’t have a spline series, you would need to use a line series instead and use a high number of points to make it appear like a curve.

Say you had 10 data values, you would need to work out the points you would need to plot to create a spline for them. You would want to calculate a high number of points on the spline, for example 100, and then return these 100 values to the chart. The chart would plot these lines and line drawn would be close to the spline you are after. If you wanted a more accurate spline, you would calculate more than 100 points on your spine.

We don’t have a demo of this being done, however, giving the points to your chart is demonstrated in every one of our chart examples. How to calculate points along a spline is more of a mathematical question.



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