Stacked bar series


Screenshot for Stacked Bar seriesHi,

I have been trying to create a stacked bar series, but I am facing problems with it. I searched in the forum but didn’t find any attached code in the package I downloaded for the same (as you guys have mentioned in some of the posts). Please help me out creating the same. I set the stackindex for the columnseries same i.e.- 1 but they do not give me the desired result. The second series starts from the end point of the first series. Have attached an image for the same.

Please look into the same. Thanks in advance.

In anticipation of your response.

Vishwesh. Stacked Bar series



I finally succeeded in creating a Stacked Bar Chart. The problem was I wan’t aware that the second series starts from where the first series ends. Hence I thought that the chart I am building is wrong.

Anyways, Thanks.