StackedBarChart & difference between Column/BarSeries


Hi Shinobi Team,

I am new at using ShinobiControls. My first question is, what’s the difference between Column and BarChartSeries? 

I am trying to realize a stacked barchart, like in the picture below.

Is this a Bar or Columnchartseries? I tried to realize this chart and experimented with the stackIndex of the series, but the only thing that happens is that my columns are arranged next to each other and not on each other. 

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Hi Harald,

A BarSeries is a chart with horizontal bars and a ColumnSeries is a chart with vertical bars.  To get something like the above image you’ll need two BarSeries on your chart with the same stackIndex (i.e. both 1).  The stackIndex is used to determine the index of the stack onto which to place the series in question, which allows you, should you want to, to have multiple stacks side by side.

Hope that helps!



Hi Harald,

      Can you send me the sample code for the above image.

Thanks in Advance





Is there a limit to how many BarSeries can be stacked together? Would there be performance issues if the stack is bigger (say 20)?


Hi opilkin,

There isn’t any specific limit to the number of BarSeries that can be stacked together.

By its nature stacking is more intensive so there could be a bit of a drop in performance if you have a large number of stacked BarSeries each with a very large number of data points but I would expect you probably won’t notice the difference in most situations. My best advice would be to give it  a try yourself - we offer a free 30-day trial on our website

Hope that helps!