StepLineSeries last Y value



The last Y value in a StepLineSeries does not have a horizontal line to indicate its value.
Since its the last value, there are no points on x axis remaining to show the horizontal line for the step.

To overcome this I am thinking to plot an extra x point with the same Y value, but its not ideal since my x-axis is a dateTime type axis.
Do you have any suggestion to show the horizontal step for the last Y axis value?

See attached image: (

I would like to show it as something like this: (



Hi Nisarg,

You’re right - currently the chart will create a flat line at the start, but not the end. The best way to workaround this is like you’ve said - add an extra datapoint to the end. For date-time axes you should be able to increment your final date by a fixed amount to achieve this I believe?

kind regards,