Support for iPad Air


The iPad Air was released yesterday.

An App which works on every previous iPad, does not work on the iPad Air

ShinobiPlay from the App Store does not work on the iPAd Air

What are the requirements to make an app built with ShinobiCharts Premium work on that device


Not sure what Nigel is seeing, but here I see that the ShinobiPlay on the iPad Air does “work”, but parts of it don’t work properly.  Specifically, functionality that does processing during zoom events such as the Tour de France 2012 chart do not render correctly, flicker like mad during zoom.  Same thing happening in my own code which does similar processing…  Assume it’s fixable…sooner the better of course!  :sunglasses:


That’s what I meant by the technical term “dosn’t work”. Rendering in the wrong place, mad flickering making the app useless to the user.

Shinobi have confirmed that the version we used v2.2.1 does not work on 64 bit hardware even though it does work in the 64 bit simulator. Affected apps need to use one of the patched versions, or the latest version (v2.5.5). In my case, linking the app with v2.2.1a did the trick. Now I have to wait for Apple to approve the new version while my users continue to download broken software.

More information is at

In other words, it won’t be fixed until you rebuild your app using a suitable version of ShinobiCharts and submit that new build to the App Store.


Thanks, Nigel for that great info and the link!  Yes sure enough…downloaded the 2.5.5 update and it works great  :sunglasses:  

Yes bummer to republish, but beats the worse case scenario by a mile…

Thanks again