System Crash with error " ShinobiCharts: Couldn't find axis for series" after long-press in the chart


Hello all,

I currently use Shinobi Charts premium V2.8.7-3 to present stock market trading data. Every thing works perfect like change

symbol, scrolling/pinch. However, the system would crash with error " ShinobiCharts: Couldn’t find axis for series(XXX)" after I long-press in the chart to

bring up the Crosshair/Tooltip. 

I noticed that the system still crash even though I commented out the codes responsed to the toggledSelectionForPoint and crosshairMovedToXValue methods.

Anyone encounters this issue?

Any help/hint would be much appreciated.


Hi jiaren,

I’ve responded to your email, if we could continue the discussion there then that’d be great so we don’t get too confused!




I have found that I need to hide the crosshair before reloading data or a crash occurs

//swift code


Hi rches,

We made a fix for the crosshair issue when reloading in version 2.9.5 of shinobicharts - please could you let us know which version you’re using that requires the call to hide the crosshair?