TabbedView calling TabDidBecomeActive during SEssentialsTabbedView.AddTab


I’m using version 2.5.1 of Shinobi Essentials (with Xamarin) and laying out a TabbedView. My delegate is set up to do some form handling when a tab is changed by taking calls into TabDidBecomeActive and TabDidBecomeInactive. My problem is TabDidBecomeActive is getting called when I am intially setting up the TabbedView and adding each tab. Is there a way to prevent this, or do I have to do a check to make sure it is not being called from AddTab?


Hi canderson,The delegate methods shouldn’t be getting called on adding a tab, except on the first tab. Could you paste a small code snippet of how you create and add a tab?


Ah, I think I see the problem now.I have a dynamically built set of tabs, and some of these tabs have their own sets of tabs. So what is occuring is my delegate is firing for the first tab of my parent set, and then again for the first tabs of any of the child sets. I will have to figure a way around then (as well as the case that when a tab becomes active, so will its active tab.)