The shape of Android Shinobi Chart legend



For the legend in Android Shinobi Chart legend, it is always shown as a fixed height line shape. (See the screenshot below) There is LegendStyle.setSymbolWidth(). Where is setSymbolHeight() ?

Is it possible to change the height? For example, show the legend as a thin line shape?




I want to show the legend as a thin line shape, exactly as shown below.

legend line shape


Hi Victor,

At present, it isn’t possible to directly change the height of the symbols in the Legend - their height is intrinsically linked to the height of the text (i.e. setTextSize()).

Expanding the customisation options of the Legend is certainly on our roadmap and while I can’t give you any sort of timescale at the moment I have made note of your requirement as we do prioritise development based on customer feedback.

Kind regards,



Hi Patrick, 

Thank you for your reply. I will feedback this limitation of Shinobi to my company.