Theme help [iOS]



I’m having trouble understanding some elements of the theme.  I have a chart which previously used the Midnight Theme, however its now deprecated so I have moved to the Dark theme.

Im not sure what controls the grey vertical lines or grid seen in this picture, I want to completely turn off the grey fill and the vertical lines.  Can someone tell me which elements control this? (Ignore the ugly paint pallette watermark!)



Try something like this: = NO;




Oh, and if you want to customize the gridlines you can use this: = @1; = [UIColor blueColor];




Thanks, that worked to turn off the lines.  Do you know which element controls the greyish background color?  Im not sure if its an element of the chart or the axis.

Previously I was using the Midnight Theme, but its been deprecated so I’m trying to reach a similar look and feel using the Dark theme.


Disregard :slight_smile:

    m_lineChart.plotAreaBackgroundColor = [UIColorclearColor];

    m_lineChart.canvasAreaBackgroundColor = [UIColorclearColor];

Is what I was looking for!