Timezone formatting for timeaxis



I have a time series chart. So my X axis is a SChartDateTimeAxis.

The NSDate objects I provide as x values are in the GMT zone but the chart displays them in my locale zone.

How do I change the formatting of the tick marks in order to choose in which timezone I want the time to be displayed ?

Thank you,

Jean Michel LECONTE


Hi Jean,

You will need to configure the NSFormatter of your axis to set the timezone. You can get at this through the labelFormatter property as follows;

NSDateFormatter *formatter = (NSDateFormatter*)chart.xAxis.labelFormatter.formatter;
//Set timezone to GMT
[formatter setTimeZone:[NSTimeZone timeZoneForSecondsFromGMT:0]];
[chart redrawChart];

This will set the timezone of the chart to be in GMT, to match your data.