Trial license expiration after purchase



I’ve just had the alarming experience of a SIGABRT crash – looks like an error raised when the trial license has expired.   I actually purchased a license a few weeks ago, replaced the framework as per instructions but now any attempt to access the framework results in this crash.  Have I made a noob mistake? Anyone else have problems authorizing their purchased framework?


Sometimes we find that Xcode likes to hang on to old frameworks so you might be unwittingly using the trial version of Shinobi.

To solve this you can try moving the charting component to somewhere else on disk and reference it from there, as all of XCodes’ reference caches are based on paths.

Also you can check which version the app thinks it is running by calling [chart getInfo]. That would be the definitive evidence as to which version Xcode has picked up.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, do let me know.


Hi ,

I am working with trial version of shinobicharts.In simulator i am getting every hting fine but when i load my app on my iPad a SIGABRT ocurs.It says,Check your trial license!! What i do?

Thanks in advance.