Trouble getting zoom to work on iOS 9.3 and iOS 10


Are there any known issues with chart zooming on iOS9.3 and up? I have gesturezoom and gesture panning enabled on both the x (SChartDateTimeAxis) and y (SChartNumberAxis) axis.

When zooming on iOS 9.3.3 and iOS 10 the date range is updated, but the graph is not redrawn. 


Hi siper,

We’re aware of an issue in the early iOS 10 betas that meant the axis tick labels would zoom but the rendered charts would not. This should be fixed as of iOS 10 beta 6.

Would you mind providing us with a few more details to determine if this is a separate issue:

  • What version of shinobicharts are you using (use ShinobiCharts.getInfo() to print this out to the console)

  • What devices are you seeing the problem. Is it on both simulators and devices? Is the problem still there in iOS 10 beta 6?

  • Can you replicate the problem all the time or is only in certain situations?

  • Are you able to replicate it in one of our sample projects?

Answering the above would be a great help.




Updated to the latest beta on iOS 10. Works fine, so it was probably the same issue :wink: