UI hangs


The entire UI in my app hangs (becomes unresponsive), if I set either autoCalculateAxisRanges = NO or loadDataInBackground = YES, and then try to replace the single primary x-axis.

Is this a known issue, can you figure out whats wrong from this spare info, or you need more details?



I think I found out that replaceXAxis causes both reload and redraw.

I was first replaceing the axis, and then manually calling reload and redraw. This seems unncessary, right? So now I just have replaceXAxis, and everything works fine.



I’m having trouble replicating the UI hang you mention. This isn’t a known issue, but if you could send in a sample application to info@shinobicontrols.com referencing this forum post, we could definitely have someone look into it further.



It deffiniately hangs/infinite loading data loop it seems. Until memory is exhausted.

But I might be doing something very silly - such as to nil the reference to the old data, before the background loading is completed. So I should look into doing this better myself.


Feel free to send us an project that demonstrates this if your debugging comes to a dead end.  :grin: