Unit Tests fail, all Shinobi headers show up as 'Missing File'


Wondering if anyone has had any luck getting unit testing to work in a project that includes SCharts or Grids. 

Struggling with this in two different projects. They both build & run fine with my normal target, but not when I choose Test. All Shinobi headers are showing as Not Found. I made sure that when I added the Shinobi frameworks, I selected to add them to all targets. 

Everything looks identical in my scheme and build settings. Any ideas?



Just figured out that these messages are all warnings and not errors. Linked a few more missing frameworks to my unit testing target, and everything is now working as expected.


Hi Justinkent. I faced probably a similar problem when I sent my project and downloaded from my email. 50 builtime errors occur and all of the associated with the header file. I have no clue why that happens. Any suggestions? Thaaanks