Using gradle for android library


Any plans on supporting gradle? I mean having a proper repo so I can easily get updates to the library.

I think I read somehwere you were concerned about having a native component not working in gradle. Just package the .so files in a .jar or a .zip file, that works fine for me with gradle using shinobicontrols as a local library.




Hi Radu,

We don’t currently have any plans to put our charting library in a repo for access via Gradle (or another build system). As you say, it is of course possible to place the library in a local repo.

We will, however, be looking towards the new .aar format at some point in the future (as well as support for Android Studio) but for the time being, while the recommended IDE for Android development (Eclipse with the ADT Plugin) does not support them, we will continue to distribute the library as zip of a project to be imported into Eclipse (essentially an exploded .apklib file).

Kind regards,



Is there a way to get notified when new builds are available?


Hi Radu,

We usually, with the exception of very minor releases, send out an email informing our users about any new releases. For those minor releases users won’t be notified automatically though we do tend to get in touch with people directly if the release fixes an issue they were previously having.

I would definitely recommend following us on Twitter (@shinobicontrols) as we use update it with all our latest news including minor (and major!) release announcements.

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