Using Shinobi to create a Radial Carousel for an Android gallery



I want to be able to use radial carousel for a gallery function in an Android app.

However, after downloading the Shinobi trial, it only provides the library for charts and grids. The website seems to suggest that the Carousel is within Shinobi Tools which isn’t in the trial download.

Looking through the documentation within the trial download also looks like that there isn’t a carousel function I can use.

Am I missing something? Please could someone point me towards where I could get the functionality for adding the Radial Carousel.

Many Thanks.



Thanks for getting in touch. We do not currently offer an Android variant of the Carousel control, but I will register your interest in it. We have no plans to produce such a control at this time. If you wish to be notified directly if such a control becomes available, please contact us at

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Maybe it should be made more apparent that certain features exist on iOS but not on Android? I can’t find anywhere on the site which tells me there are limitations in the Android version of ShinobiControls.