Wait for ShinobiGrids 2.0?


Is the API for ShinobiGrids 2.0 different enough from 1.1 that you would suggest waiting for it before using ShinobiGrids for the first time? Or will it be relatively easy to update to 2.0 when it comes out.


Also, is sorting one of the new features in ShinobiGrids 2.0?

(I completely understand if you don’t want to talk about specific features - just worth a shot since implementing it now is a quite a bit of work - I’ve seen the article you have on it).


Hi James,

The next version of the grid is going to add a lot of new features, so will have a more expansive API, however, we know that backwards compatiilty is important, so we will seek to ensure that the upgrade path is an easy one. I can’t discuss all of the new features yet, but sorting will certainly be easier in the new grid. If there are any other specific features that you are interested, feel free to get in touch with me directly (ceberhardt@shinobicontrols.com).

Should you wait for the new grid? That is up to you! If you start using the current grid and buy support, you will get an upgrade as part of the package.

Colin E.


I’ve been reading about a lot of updates to ShinobiCharts, but are there any updates to ShinobiGrids coming soon? ShinobiGrids are essential to my MonoTouch app and I’m looking forward to seeing more improvements.

John K.