Welcome to the forum


Welcome to our shinobicontrols forum!

This forum is for users of shinobicontrols to ask questions about the products, and to get help from each other. We’ve got separate categories for iOS and Android, and subcategories within those for each of our products. If you use the right category when creating a post, it’ll make it easier for people to help you out.

We’ve got the usual set of discourse badges for you to earn, as well as our own Shinobi ones - head over to the badges page to find out more.

We’ve migrated our old forum to this new discourse-based one, which we hope will be both faster and easier to use.

Expecting the old forum?

We migrated things over from our old forum in November 2016. If you had an account on the old forum, don’t panic, as we’ve migrated all our users, along with their posts, over to here. The only thing we haven’t migrated is your passwords, so you’ll need to reset your password before you can log in for the first time. All you need to do is click the “I forgot my password” link on the login screen, enter your username or email address, and you’ll be sent a link to reset your password.

We’ve also done our best to migrate our old statuses based on karma into new discourse badges. If you think you’re missing a badge that you should have, let us know and we’ll try to fix it for you.

The new forum by default may send you more emails than the old one, for example when users reply to one of your posts. You can change these settings by clicking on your user icon at the top right of the screen, then the cog icon, to edit your user preferences.