What difference between standard version and premium version?


In the Price Plan page, it tell me what difference between standard version and premium version.

But I compared standard api and premium api, i think there is no different with them.

Who can tell me the difference between them?


In the premium version you have access to the whole API, in the standard version you do not.

Have a look in the header files, like SChart.h

Some methods are available to both premium and standard, others are not.  If you search for these in the Shinobi header files, it should be quite clear.

 @available Standard

 @available Premium

/** Add an annotation view to be displayed on the chart plot area 
 @available Premium
 @param newAnnotation The new annotation to add to the chart.
 @see SChartAnnotation
- (void)addAnnotation:(SChartAnnotation *)newAnnotation;


Hi Elmo,

You can take a look at the feature matrix on our website here.

( Tomshinobi - thanks for helping!)