What settings are needed to make a column chart like a histogram


I am trying to make a column chart, but I want the columns to be flush next to each other like in the histogram example as seen in the shinobiplay/shinobigallery app. I don’t know if it matters, In my case xAxis is a DateTime axis and my yAxis is a Number Axis.




I don’t know about doing an actual histogram, but ChrisGrant posted in a diffrent thread how to make the gap less. It helps but is not the answer for when using a time based yAxis. Unless the times are very close together it still looks apart. I guess I will move to a diffrent chart type.

His answer was to put the following lines after the chart.xAxes = xAxis line:

chart.xAxis.style.interSeriesPadding = 0;

chart.xAxis.style.interSeriesSetPadding = 0;


I am trying to make a column chart,too. but i want set the real value in the end of every  column.so we can know the exactly value for the column ,not the possible value.how can i do ?