Why do I have to debug a product that I paid $500 for?




Also previously I posted that there was memory leaks. I was reassured that it was “Apple’s fault in the way their tools report leaks.” Suddenly with this new release, the memory leaks are gone. Hmmm…guess Apple did something differently here


Hi Ryan,

I read your previous forum post, in which you reported a memory leak with our charting component. My colleague Chris mentioned that it may be an issue with UIColor/NSNumber’s internal caching, and that we would look into the issue and fix it if we found anything. We looked into this issue and concluded that this leak was not caused by our charting component and likely being misreported by instruments.

We recently had a major overhaul to our chart engine to give support for our new streaming functionality so it is likely that the code that was related to this has now been removed alltogether.

We make every effort to ensure our components are memory leak free and investigate all reports of leaks thoroughly. I’ve now responded to the thread in your first post. I look forward to hearing back from you.