Wrong AreaColor for stacked column series



I have a stacked column series that has 5 series with 3 stacked as positive values and 2 as negative values.
I assign each series an area color in the seriesAtIndex method. It seems like the stacked series for positive values have the correct areacolor but ones that are negative get the wrong color.

See attached image. (http://pasteboard.co/pS4OG0A.png)
As seen in the image the legend shows the color that I assigned to the series but what is rendered is completely different.

Stacked series

Let me know how can I fix this?



Hi nisarg,

Are you using the “areaColorBelowBaseline” property on your negative series’ style object to set it’s fill color?

Kind regards,
Andrew Polkinghorn


Hi Andrew,

No I was using areaColor. It works fine with areaColorBelowBaseline.