Xamarin android charts


For some reason I cannot see the datapoints in the sample projects. I am using xamarin on a mac. If anyone can help its appreciated



Hi Theresa,

I’ve replied to your email about this issue but thought I would post something up on here in case anyone else runs into issues with the Android Emulator:

ShinobiCharts for Android uses OpenGL ES2; support for this in the Android Emulator is currently experimental so be alert for incompatibilities and errors. Simply ticking the Use Host GPU box in the configuration of your Android Virtual Device may be all that is needed. More information is available on the Android Developer site: http://developer.android.com/tools/devices/emulator.html. In particular, the Configuring Graphics Acceleration and Configuring Virtual Machine Acceleration sections may provide some helpful guidance.

For Xamarin users, there may also be some extra configuration needed on the Xamarin side; the following pages may be of help: http://docs.xamarin.com/guides/android/getting_started/installation/configure_emulator/ and http://docs.xamarin.com/guides/android/deployment,_testing,_and_metrics/configuring_the_x86_emulator/.

In our experience, we’ve not found the emulator to be particularly helpful for development and testing (at least in the context of our charts), and have opted for using a range of physical Android devices instead. Hopefully the above will provide some guidance on getting the emulator setup but you will still be unable to perform two finger pinch gestures on your app so will be missing out on the full range of the touch-based interactions provide by our charting library.

Kind regards,