Y-axis labels cut off on bar chart


Hi - when charting certain values, we’re seeing the label for the max tick mark on the y-axis cut off.  It doesn’t seem to happen consistently, only with certain data sets.  We’re using the most recent version of Shinbi Charts for Xamarin.iOS.  Any suggestions?

Simulator screenshot


Hi ThirteenDaysAWeek,

Your chart has three distinct areas, the the UIView it is contained within, the canvas (where the chart & axis labels are rendered) and the plot area (aka GLView, which is where your data is rendered). Each of these internal views has the property ‘clipsToBounds’, so all you need to stop things like labels and annotations being cut off is to set this property on the relevant view to false:

_chart.ClipsToBounds = false;
_chart.Canvas.ClipsToBounds = false;
_chart.Canvas.GLView.ClipsToBounds = false;

From your picture, I cannot tell whether it is your chart’s frame that is clipping your labels, but I suspect it probably is, so try _chart.ClipsToBounds = false first.



Jan - _chart.ClipsToBounds = false did the trick.  Thank you!