yAxis labels very close to chart border



in my project i have to use yAxes in reverse position (SChartAxisPositionReverse),

but labels of points is very close to chart border , how i can make some padding

between values labels and chart border .

Thanks a lot .

I am working with ios version.


I’m presuming you’re referring to the axis tickmarks? If so, you can achieve this by using the alterTickMark delegate method and doing something like this.

func sChart(chart: ShinobiChart!, alterTickMark tickMark: SChartTickMark!, beforeAddingToAxis axis: SChartAxis!)
        tickMark.tickLabel.frame.origin.x += 5



like i posted problem in yAxes in reverse position.

and i solution that you post is for xAxes , not yAxes.


The solution refers to the y axis as it negates the isXAxis flag. However having reread your question I think I may have misunderstood your problem. Can you please clarify if you are aiming to add padding to the tick marks on the y-axis or between the y-axis and the series itself?


I need set padding between Y values ticks and chart border , not between ticks.

 __I  56I  :now its something like this 56 and chart border together

__I  56 I  : so i want it , move tickets say 5 mm left from chart border.

Thanks a lot for help.


Hi basconje,

This is possible by using the “tickGap” property on the MajorTickStyle object on your axes’ style object.

chart.yAxis.style.majorTickStyle.tickGap = @10;

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Andrew Polkinghorn.