Zooming Annotations bad memory access on reload


My problem was that, after adding annotations to my chart, on data reload and chart redraw I was getting bad memory access errors.

The solution to my problem turned out to be super simple; before doing a chart redraw use the method [chart removeAllAnnotations], and then add the annotations once again after the chart has been redrawn. Hopefully this stops someone from banging their head against a super simple problem for 3 days like I did!


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Hi Victor_A

Sorry to hear you’ve been having issues with annotations!

It seems as though you’ve found a successful workaround, but we’re very keen to ensure our library isn’t causing any such memory issues. I’ve tried a couple of chart configurations but cannot reproduce the behaviour you have described. If you have a spare minute it would be great if you could help us track this down by letting us know what version of ShinobiCharts you are using and steps to reproduce the problem.