Zooming while Streaming data



I’m streaming data to the chart and it’s drawing it just fine but when I try to do pinch to zoom… it’ll zoom for a split second and then go back to its original scale. Does anybody have any tips for me to get this working? Thanks.

chart.animateZoomGesture = YES;

        chart.gesturePinchAspectLock = YES;        

        chart.yAxis.enableGestureZooming = YES;

        chart.xAxis.enableGestureZooming = YES;


Hi justin,

Have you tried disabling the chart’s autocalculatedAxisRange? This should prevent it from resetting the zoom level.

You may want to do this in the delegate method sChartRenderFinished: so it’s only applied after the chart is rendered for the first time.

Please get back to us if this doesn’t solve your issue.



I just tried it and it still pops back to the original zoom level.


Sorry, I was doing something wrong with your solution, it’s working now. Thanks.